At Glen Rose Medical Center, our goal is to provide quality healthcare close to home — and it’s our pledge.

Dedicated to the long-term health of the community, Glen Rose Medical Center traces its beginnings to Hanna Hospital established at Old Barnards Mill in 1945. Through changes in name and ownership and the addition of a nursing and rehab center and physician’s clinic, we remained in the community caring for the residents of Glen Rose and the surrounding area.

Since 1990, millions of dollars of renovations and state-of-the-art technology have been added. In January 2009, the governance of Glen Rose Medical Center was transferred to the Somervell County Health Care Authority Board. In May 2013,  Somervell County Hospital District was formed. The hospital is governed by a seven-member board of committed community volunteers which oversees the work of our experienced administrative staff, makes recommendations for improvements and approves all budgeted items.


Glen Rose Medical Center Support Staff

Accounting Controller                                                               Business office

Sheila Hunt                                                                           Charlotte Winters


Case Management                                                                       Central Supply

BK Kizziar                                                                               Tina Ruff


Engineering/Safety                                                                      Employee Health/Infection Control

Chris White                                                                             Tracy Whitt


Human Resources                                                                        Medical Records

La Donna Green                                                                    Shelly Hooper