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Wednesday, September 23, 2015, Glen Rose Medical Center organized their annually required emergency preparedness drill. The drill was coordinated by Steven Collins, Engineering and Safety Director for Glen Rose Medical Center in conjunction with various hospital team members.

Somervell County EMS and several students from Glen Rose High School were also vital players on the incident, as victims and responders. The drill scenario was a Tornado, over turning a school bus, causing a multiple variety of injuries.

Several students, participated with various levels of trauma; amputations, severe lacerations and compound bone injuries. The staff at GRMC was notified by text and email via the ETRACS notification system which is a system that is offered as a service to member hospitals of the :North Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council” or “NCTTRAC”.

All employees were required to respond to their director and report to GRMC to the designated Incident Command Center. As patients arrived via ambulance, first responders gave patient information to registration, along with the level of trauma and immediately taken to triage.

Physicians and all clinical staff were ready and waiting to begin treatment. All non-clinical staff present and assigned duties to prepare for helicopter transport, as well as, relaying information to Incident Command and offering support to persons looking for the injured family members. This drill was success as many lessons were learned which make the hospital more prepared each time. As always, patient care was the top priority, with rapid response times from all clinical and non-clinical staff.