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Mike Warren

SeniorVice President




                   PROSPERITY     BANK®           


December 11, 2015


Attn:  BKKizziar

1021 HoldenStreet

Glen Rose, Texas 76043


Re: Linda Anderson


Dear BK Kizziar,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much we appreciate the effort, time, and patience your hospital, your department, and especially Linda Anderson has given to our client _____.  We have had the privilege of working with Linda, your social worker, for the last several months.

Linda has gone above and beyond her job in helping _______ get qualified for Medicaid, food stamps, and housing.  She is the one who found _____ on the floor, bleeding and called for an ambulance. Bottom line-she saved ______’s life!

Linda has held ________’s hand through a very difficult time and the changes to her life. Despite the very difficult attitude _______ has, Linda has always been professional, knowledgeable and especially kind.

Linda deserves a medal and we could not have done this without her help and guidance. We appreciate her very much.

Cordially yours,


Senior Vice President-TrustOfficer


Glen Rose Medical Center