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Mission 95 was a huge success!!! Mission 95 was held this past Friday June 17, 2016 at the Somervell County Expo. The goal was the same as last year, getting the community to rally together to donate 95 pints of blood. Carter BloodCare said it couldn’t be done, and  we proved them wrong with getting 117 pints of blood leaving Somervell County.  We had a great day with live music, 95.3 KOME was there broadcasting live, CareFlite landed the helicopter in the parking lot, we had DPS checking car seats, Somervell County Sheriff Department was there demonstrating with the “beer goggles” , Crystal Plaster State Farm, Camp Gladiator, Bethany Home Health, Glen Rose Nursing and Rehab, Cherokee Rose Nursing and Rehab, Life Gift Texas, Delete Blood Cancer and Brookshire’s Grocery Store donated hot dogs to feed our hungry blood drive participants.  We had a great day of giving back. Can’t wait to see what we can do next year.

Mission 95 2016