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Today Governor Abbots mask mandate has been lifted. While we respect the governors OPEN TEXAS no mask mandate, Glen Rose Medical Center will and must follow CDC guidelines for healthcare settings. Patient health and safety is our priority.
Glen Rose Medical Center and Glen Rose Healthcare, Inc. will require patients and visitors to wear a mask while in the medical center, this includes registration, lab, radiology, ER, physician offices and outpatient therapy.
CDC guidelines:
Healthcare settings refers to places where healthcare is delivered and includes, but is not limited to, acute care facilities, long term acute care facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, home healthcare, vehicles where healthcare is delivered (e.g., mobile clinics), and outpatient facilities, such as dialysis centers, physician offices, and others.
Source control: Use of well-fitting cloth masks, facemasks, or respirators to cover a person’s mouth and nose to prevent spread of respiratory secretions when they are breathing, talking, sneezing, or coughing. Cloth masks, facemasks, and respirators should not be placed on children under age 2, anyone who cannot wear one safely, such as someone who has a disability or an underlying medical condition that precludes wearing a cloth mask, facemask, or respirator safely, or anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove their cloth mask, facemask, or respirator without assistance. Face shields alone are not recommended for source control.