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Glen Rose Medical Center offers emergency care services when you require them the most.  The emergency department (ED) provides 24 hour service.  The ED team is equipped to assist you in emergency situations.




Glen Rose Medical Center is proud to have held a high level of service since 1998.  Our patients’ can be assured that our ED team will treat them with the utmost care and if the patient needs a higher level of care, we will stabilize the patient and get them to a higher level of care in a timely manner.

If you need emergency care, GRMC is the place to go.  We have a top notch facility that has access to blood bank, labs, x-ray, and CT 24 hours a day.  The ED is staffed with a physician 24 hours a day.  Our nursing staff is certified in pediatric and adult advanced cardiac/airway care and trauma care.

Glen Rose Medical Center ED will see you through your emergency efficiently and with the quality you expect.