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Our experienced team of rehabilitation professionals includes speech, occupational and physical therapists, who are supported in care by the physician staff.  We treat a variety of conditions including but not limited to:

  •         Orthopedic Rehab
  •         Neuro Rehab
  •         Stroke Rehab
  •         Brain Injury
  •         Amputee Rehab
  •         Dysphagia (Swallowing) Rehab
  •         Cryotherapy
  •         Dry Needling
  •         Cupping

GRMC’s speech therapy department provides rehab services to all ages, including infants and children with swallowing difficulties.  The Speech department works closely with the radiology department to provide timely Modified Barium Swallow Studies which are used to determine the presence and severity of swallowing problems.


Therapy Tammie Apodaca

The patient and family play an integral part in the recovery process.  We motivate our patients to work toward their maximum potential.  Positive family involvement adds to cheering the patient on and can facilitate return to prior level.

In a dynamic and supportive rehabilitation environment, our Rehab facility meets individual needs, while keeping in the mind the patient’s medical, physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.  Glen Rose Medical Center Outpatient Rehab offers state-of-the-art equipment which aids in achieving the highest level functional gain. 

To begin your rehab journey, call us at 254-897-3176.