Rapid Medical Detox is a safe and effective drug detox procedure for people addicted to opiates such as Hydrocodone (Vicodin) , Oxycodone (OxyContin) heroin and methadone. Rapid anesthesia assisted medical detox uses FDA approved intravenous medications to SAFELY and quickly remove the opioids from the opiate receptors in the body. Naltrexone Therapy is initiated immediately post procedure to ensure that the opiate drugs will not re-attach to the ‘now clean’ opiate receptors.

This Rapid Medical Detox procedure is conducted under general anesthesia and is followed by a maintenance program employing Naltrexone in conjunction with counseling. This highly successful program for individuals who have become dependent upon opiate-based drugs and medications brings together three integral parts of the recovery process.

  1. Utilizing the clinically safe procedure known as, Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opiate Detox which provides a rapid detoxification process (3 – 5 hours) that significantly diminishes the withdrawal discomfort and time.
  2. This is followed by Naltrexone Maintenance Therapy and Counseling where appropriate.
  3. Counseling by a Certified Addiction Counselor near the patients home.

This combination has shown to be successful in treating drug and prescription painkiller dependency.

Withdrawal in 3-5 Hours While Under Anesthesia

In the care of a general physician and a board certified physician Anesthesiologist the patient will undergo general anesthesia, then the patient is administered medications that remove the opiates from the nerve receptors causing sudden withdrawal. A combination of drugs are then administered to greatly reduce or compress the time needed for the physical withdrawal symptoms to pass. What would normally be 5-6 days of hard withdrawal occurs in 3-5 hours while the patient is under anesthesia.

Once the patient is over the heavy withdrawal symptoms they will wake without the physical craving for the opiate. The patient may experience residual withdraw symptoms but these will diminish over time. Patients are monitored by professional medical staff for 24-36 hours and released to counseling or loved ones.

What Is Naltrexone Maintenance Therapy?

Naltrexone is a medication that blocks the effects of opiates, including heroin, Methadone and prescription pain medications.

Naltrexone works by entering the brain and nervous systems and attaching itself to small areas called receptor sites. For heroin to produce its effect it must attach itself to these receptor sites. However, since the Naltrexone has already done so, it prevents the heroin from doing likewise. Therefore, the patient does not get “high” and avoids relapse. It is recommended that Naltrexone therapy be continued for at least 6-12 months. Naltrexone is non-addictive and is completely safe, effective, produces very few side effects, and is fully approved by the FDA.

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