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URGENT POST COVID Vaccine Scam Call 3-5-2021

Posted on Mar 5 by

IMPORTANT!!!!!! Please READ!! For all patients who have received the COVID vaccine, please be aware there are scammers calling representing the facility at which you received your vaccine. They are requesting personal information. Please DO NOT give them your information health or personal information. DO NOT give your social security information!!! Glen Rose Medical Center will not call you to ask for any personal...



Posted on Mar 2 by

Glen Rose Medical Center received 300 FIRST DOSE Covid vaccines. We will host the vaccine clinic at the Somervell County Expo Center today 3-2-2021. This vaccine is for 1a ,1b groups, first come first served. Gates open at 8:00 a.m., vaccines start at 10:00 a.m.  Please bring a drivers license or picture ID. * If you received the first dose in February 4th, 2021 you will receive a phone call for scheduled appointment on Thursday March 4th....



Posted on Feb 4 by

COVID VACCINATION CLINIC TODAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2021 Somervell County has received 300 COVID-19 vaccines, we are going to vaccinate 1a and 1b groups, please refer to DSHS website for information pertaining to those groups. We received the Moderna vaccine. We will be holding the vaccination clinic at the Somervell County Expo, please enter the expo at the rear of the expo across from the soccer park. The vaccines will be first come first served. There will be no place holding, no in and out. Please expect to have a significant wait. You must wait in your car until directed to enter the building. Vaccinations will begin at 12:00! This is the first Covid vaccine. IF you have already received the first shot you must return to the original site you were vaccinated. Please follow all COVID-19 guidelines. You must have a face covering. Please make sure you have a driver’s license or ID. As more vaccines are made available to Somervell County, additional vaccination clinics will be held. Please continue to watch Glen Rose Medical Center website, social media...


Press Release 1-22-2021

Posted on Jan 22 by

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 UPDATE January 22, 2021 As of 5pm on 1/21/2021, Somervell county has 933 total cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and a current case load of 46 active cases.  We had a small spike in active cases two weeks ago, with daily active cases in the 60-70 range on average.  For the last ten days we have decreased our numbers to the 40-50 range.  Despite this good news, there is still work to be done. The most current numbers are found at: then click on the button that says TEXAS CASE COUNTS.  Moving forward, this will be the best place to get information regarding local numbers. There have been many questions about what the definitions of “confirmed” and “probable” cases are.  For an excellent discussion of this, the following link will lead to a video from Dr. Shuford, who is the Chief of Epidemiology for the State of Texas.  Please give it a watch.  It is very clear and well done. In our county, we have widespread viral activity in families, institutions, and...


Press Release Coronavirus COVID-19 1-4-21

Posted on Jan 4 by

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 UPDATE January 3, 2021 Happy New Year to everyone!  Here’s hoping that 2021 is much better for us than 2020! I am changing how the numbers are being reported for our county.  I am sure that this will upset some people, but this is a needed change.  Unfortunately, the massive amounts of data, complicated by incomplete data, has made it impossible for me to continue to vouch for the information that I am providing to our County’s leaders, as well as it’s residents.  In order to have more timely reporting, as well as more accurate numbers, I will be reporting numbers provided to me by the State of Texas.  I will continue to monitor cases diagnosed at GRMC, as well as other local cases, as that data is presented to me. The spread of COVID-19 has leveled off here in Somervell County.  We have stayed fairly stable, at between 40-55 active daily cases during the last 2 weeks. In our county, we have widespread viral activity in families, institutions, and work places.  Social events continue to...