Into the midst of the country living you treasure, Glen Rose Medical Center brings quality healthcare — from state of the art equipment to a staff that sees you as far more than a bedside chart. Perhaps that is never more important to you than when you enter the hospital — and stay for awhile.
With nursing shortages plaguing many hospitals across the nation, we’ve worked hard to keep an unusually high number of registered nurses, many of whom have been with the Center for 10, even 20 years. Whether your assigned surgery nurse or the acute care nurse who oversees your recovery — all you’ll find to be attentive and caring.

Some of our patient care is short term. Wounds and pains of many kinds enter our emergency room doors, are cared for by our dedicated team, and leave soon thereafter — back into the flow of life. For some older adults in our community, that flow of life has diminished to an unbearable degree. A caring person notices and calls our Senior Care program. One of our great joys is to witness the amazing turnarounds that are possible, the vitality that can be restored.


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